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Jayne Braman

Hi Heather, Thanks for the run down on various grading systems. It has been a few year since I have used Grademark in Turnitin on Moodle. The system we had set up did allow for placing comments on the rubric and selecting the areas where students show strength and areas for improvement in their writing, a good visual reference. I like these systems, but did find that I probably over commented as typing a response in a box gave me more room than a margin on a paper, but as I said in my response, we need to get students to engage with the comments so that they read them. My question is, once a semester is over, do students have access to their papers and our comments if stored in these online systems? I know that I have gone back to papers that I wrote in previous semesters to find information or to look at comments when I was struggling with something. This could be particularly problematic if a student transfers to another college and is no longer registered; they won't have access to the system. Something I didn't really think about until this posting.

I also think it is good to use limited tech tools at first in order to figure out what works and how best to use it. In an online class, teachers have to teach students how to use the tools, which means we need to utilize video, like Curry's and Jim's to help them, so we need to learn that technology as well. So many layers, yikes.

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